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              Product Show
              Introduction of Anyang Iron and Steel Group Corporation



            Quality grade



            Stock size

            Executive technical standard


             Hot rolled low carbon round wire rod low carbon wire rod





            GB/T 701-2008





            Hot rolled wire rod for pre-stressed concrete steel bar





            GB/T 24587-2009


            Hot rolled cold heading wire rod(cold heading wire rod)





            GB/T 6478-2001









            JIG G 3507-1:2005








            High-quality carbon steel wire rod





            GB/T 4354-2008






            Wire rod for pre-stressed wire and steel strand 
            pre-stressed wire rod





            JIS G 35062004







            Hot rolled wire rod for high strength circular chain for mine





            Q/AG J 01.019-2010


            Hot rolled ribbed bar for reinforced concrete
            (ribbed bar coil)







            Hot rolled ribbed bar for reinforced concrete







            Hot rolled carbon structural round steel




            φ12-32Length: 2500-900012000

            GB/T 700-2006GB/T 702-2008 GB/T 14292-1993


            Hot rolled low alloy structural round steel




            GB/T 1591-2008GB/T 702-2008GB/T 14292-1993


            Hot rolled wire rod for high strength circular chain for mine (wire rod for mine chain)




            Length: 2500-9000

            Q/AG J 01.019-2010


            Hot rolled alloyed structural round steel for circular chain for mineround steel for chain for mine





            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled left rotation ribbed rod for resin anchoring boltanchoring bolt bar





            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled wire rod for pre-stressed steel strand 
            (pre-stressed wire rod





            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled SUP11 structural  alloy wire rod(alloy wire rod)



            φ6.5φ7φ8φ9φ10φ12   φ12.5φ13


            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled AGER55 wire rod for weld(wire rod for weld)





            Technical agreement








            Hot rolled AGER70 wire rod for welding





            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled wire rod for pre-stressed steel strand 
            (pre-stressed wire rod





            JIS G 3506:2004


            Hot rolled flat-bulb steel



            120×6120×7120×8140×7   140×8140×10  160×7160×8160×9160×11  180×8180×9180×10180×11200×9200×10  200×11200×12    220×10220×11  220×12     
















            Hot rolled bar for export reinforced concrete  




            Length: 3500-9000900012000

            JIS G 3112:2004


            Cold heading wire rod





            JIS G 4053:2008 and  Technical agreement


            Hot rolled wire rod for cold heading





            GB/T 6478-2001


            Hot rolled alloy cold heading steel wire rod (ML40Cr wire rod)





            GB/T 6478-2001


            Cold heading steel wire rod





            JIS G 3507:2005 and  Technical agreement


            Hot rolled spring steel wire rod





            GB/T 1222-2007


            Wire rod for welding





            GB/T 3429-2002







            Hot rolled alloy cold heading steel wire rod



            φ6.5φ7φ8φ10φ12φ14   φ16φ18φ20


            Technical agreement


            C72DA hot rolled wire rod for hose wire





            GB/T 24242.2-2009 and Technical agreement


            Hot rolled ribbed bar for reinforced concrete  





            GB 1499.2―2007


            Hot rolled ribbed wire roll for reinforced concrete


            φ6φ8     φ10



            SWRCH25K hot rolled cold heading steel wire rod





            JIS G 3507-1:2005 and  Technical agreement


            LX70A hot rolled wire rod for cord





            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled round bar for reinforced concrete



            φ12φ14   φ16φ18φ20


            GB 1499.1-2008


            Hot rolled round bar for reinforced concrete





            AG1215 hot rolled wire rod for cutting



            φ5.5φ6.5φ8.0φ10   φ12.5φ14φ16φ20


            Technical agreement


            Hot rolled ribbed bar for earthquake-resistance 

            HRB335E                HRB400E




            GB 1499.2―2007


            SCM420-1 hot rolled alloy cold heading steel wire rod





            Technical agreement


            C82DA hot rolled wire rod for hose wire





            GB/T 24242.2-2009 and Technical agreement


            SWRH82A hot rolled wire rod for rope





            JIS G 3506:2004 and  Technical agreement


            60Si2Mn hot rolled wire rod for spring steel   





            GB/T 1222-2007 and  Technical agreement






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            Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd
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